Make to order ERP software

Our ERP consultants can help you meet the unique challenges of MTO manufacturing with an ERP system created for businesses like yours.

Make to order ERP Software

Reduce project costs and integrate your shop floor with the Jobscope ERP system

Make to Order Manufacturing is far more complex than mass manufacturing and as such needs an ERP system that can support this.

For Make to Order manufacturers, it can be common to miss a delivery date due to a lack of knowledge of when a project could be completed because often what is being manufactered is a one off. It is also common to lose out on money or miss purchase orders on such extensive projects due to data being kept in separate places.

In2grate have many years of experience with Make to Order manufacturers and matching them with the right ERP software. The features of the Make to Order manufacturing software we can implement for your business include:

  • Closed-loop MRP
  • CAD integration
  • Job, stock and lot inventory
  • Complete order traceability
  • Serial number tracking
  • Account integration
  • Job costing capabilities

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The best ERP software for your industry

Our aim is to deliver the best ERP system for your manufacturing business. The ERP consultants you'll work with have many years experience of your industry and will take the time to learn about your company.

Jobscope's Make to Order manufacturing ERP software is trusted by MTO businesses around world. As a vendor, Jobscope is known for achieving high levels of customer satisfaction - it currently has the best client retention rate in the manufacturing ERP software industry at over 96%.

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Make to Order ERP software

The differences between make to order and traditional make to stock manufacturing are felt all the way along the supply chain. In MTO scenarios, materials are unlikely to be carried in stock and must be purchased directly for each order, while finished products are shipped straight to the customer without passing through inventory.

Jobscope is an ERP system designed specifically to meet the complex demands of make to order manufacturing. MTO manufacturers around the world have been using this solution for more than 35 years - and our ERP consultants understand how it can drive major improvements in efficiency, productivity and cost control.

Jobscope european partner

Jobscope's global partner

As the global partner for Jobscope, we've carried out many successful implementations of the software for MTO manufacturers across the UK.

Many of our ERP consultants have been involved with Jobscope software since the early 1990s. They have a deep understanding of the product and first-hand experience of MTO manufacturing environments - the two main ingredients of a successful ERP implementation.

Our relationship with Jobscope means our customers are always kept informed of the latest software developments and product updates.

“JOBSCOPE’s flexibility and In2grate’s knowledge have really proved their  worth to our business and the bottom line”  Matt Corker, MD, NASH Mechanical Seal Services View case study