ERP software for maintenance, repair and overhaul

Businesses that carry out MRO work typically have very different requirements to manufacturing-only organisations. We understand MRO processes and deliver the best software to support them.

Jobscope MRO software for aviation manufacturers

MRO software

Maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) is a highly specialist field of manufacturing that demands specialist software. Our consultants recommend Jobscope, an ERP system with the functionality to meet the complex MRO needs of relevant industries - such as aviation.

Tear-down inspection and repair MRO software

Tear-down, inspection and repair

Our consultants understand the MRO business processes for returns or customer-supplied items - receipt, tear-down, inspection, repair and overhaul. Jobscope software has functions to support each phase of MRO activity.

The bill of material for the received item defines the components for a tear-down parts list, while inspectors can record each component's deficiencies, recommend repairs and log serial numbers if applicable. The ERP system then calculates estimated costs based on the required repairs for each component.

When it comes to repair activities, the system creates a work-scope containing the components that must be repaired, repair operations and required materials. Jobscope incorporates unique work order functionality to report labour, material usage and receipts.

MRO ERP for component and whole asset repair

MRO ERP for component and whole asset repair

Jobscope is a complete MRO management software solution for all industries involving complex industrial equipment, plant and machinery—such as aviation. The system can address both component repair (eg. engines, landing gear, APUs, nose cones and others) and whole asset repair (eg. whole aircraft) requirements.

Key features include:

  • Routine and non-routine work orders
  • Rotables and spares inventory
  • Contract inventory
  • Time and material, fixed price and percentage completion billing
  • Percentage completion accounting

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Jobscope ERP implementation with In2grate

Jobscope's global partner

We're the global partner for Jobscope and we maintain a close working relationship with the vendor. Many consultants on our Jobscope team have been working with the software since the early 1990s. They have unrivalled technical knowledge of the product and a strategic understanding of how it works in MRO environments - the two vital elements of a successful implementation.

Our ongoing partnership with Jobscope means that customers are always kept informed of the latest software developments and product updates.

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