Supply chain management

The capabilities of a robust ERP system extend into supply chain management to optimise the procurement of raw materials and final product distribution. We can help you find the best supply chain solution.

ERP for manufacturing supply chains

Supply chains that deliver value

Does your supply chain add value to your manufacturing business? If not, it's probably a source of inefficiency and lost profitability. Effective supply chain management will deliver a lean supply chain that brings value at every stage - from the initial customer order to the moment finished goods hit the market.

Our consultants are experts in delivering ERP systems designed to improve the manufacturing supply chain as a whole, rather than simply driving financial or operational benefits. The enterprise-wide visibility these systems provide will help your business to optimise inventory levels, root out malpractice and achieve economies of scale.

Inventory management solutions

Inventory management

For many manufacturers, inventory management software plays a key role in minimising wastage and surplus inventory, improving cash flow and ultimately increasing customer service levels. This function provides the level of data accuracy you need to make better purchasing decisions.

Inventory management can deliver improvements across the business - perhaps in unexpected ways. It means you can categorise your inventory however you want and challenge assumptions - which parts are gathering dust and which are turning over at a greater speed than expected?

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