Mobile working software for manufacturers

Mobile working software can save costs and boost efficiency throughout your manufacturing organisation. Our ERP consultants are here to make sure you get the most from mobile.


Mobile access and real-time data

ERP systems that limit access to those who are physically present in the workplace are no longer fit for purpose. Modern ways of working demand that your team can access critical information - and take action when necessary - while they're on the move.

Although the nature of manufacturing processes dictate that much is done on the premises, the need for valuable business insights away from the office and shop floor is growing all the time. Modern ERP solutions are equipped with mobile working software that enables your team to input information remotely, improving data accuracy and removing the need to re-key information. 'What if?' queries can be answered with the click of the button and a real-time picture of business performance maintained.

ERP for field service manufacturing

Field service

Mobile working software has already proved to be a game-changer for manufacturing businesses that carry out field service activities. Creating a digital link between engineers out in the field and the office makes it easier to monitor worker productivity and ensure service resources are utilised to the fullest.

Field service managers can make quicker and more informed decisions as data from the ERP system - and other integrated applications if necessary - is fed through in real-time to their handheld device.

“We have a system that will grow with us and be supported well into the  future.”  Chris Allen, Financial Director, Pentland Wholesale View case study