Manufacturing management software

Plan, execute and control production for maximum profitability with manufacturing management software.

ERP planning and scheduling for manufacturing

Planning and scheduling

Keep production moving efficiently when business conditions and your priorities change from day to day. Optimise production in the long-term for improved lead times and greater productivity. Both objectives are achievable with ERP manufacturing software.

The robust planning and scheduling features of our ERP solutions include forecasting, material requirements planning and capacity planning. Manufacturing management software makes it possible to synchronise demand from customer orders and forecasts with the situation on the shop floor, in the warehouse and out in the field.

ERP product configuration solutions for manufacturers

Product configuration

With a product configurator, even the most complex product can be custom specified for the manufacturing process. This function is vital for the efficient production of feature and option-rich products, such as clothing and furniture lines.

TRIMIT, our ERP solution for furniture and fashion manufacturers, contains a powerful product configurator that makes it relatively simple to manage an unlimited number of size, material and colour choices.

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ERP solutions for product lifecycle management

Product lifecycle management

Manufacturers seeking tighter control over product development are increasingly turning to product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions because they provide the ability to track products from concept to end of life. Companies in sectors like fashion and furniture manufacturing are some of the biggest adopters of PLM applications.

Whether you're looking to implement a PLM module as part of your ERP solution, or implement an existing PLM system with your new ERP, our consultants have the expertise and experience to support a successful deployment.

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ERP job costing solutions for project based manufacturing

Job costing

Job costing software is widely available, but standalone solutions are unable to offer the same level of visibility and control as integrated job costing with ERP.

Project-based manufacturers, as well as those that offer field service and maintenance activities alongside manufacturing, are among those that can benefit from the job costing of our ERP consultants.

Project manufacturing

Controlling costs and maximising profitability are two of the biggest challenges for project manufacturers. Our ERP consultants can help you control project cost and increase profitability with an ERP solution designed for project manufacturing environments.

Our range of manufacturing management software includes Jobscope ERP, a product built specifically to serve project-based and order-driven manufacturing sectors. The solution includes real-time project costing, as well as project-oriented estimating and engineering modules.

Manufacturing management solution for quality assurance


Quality assurance and quality control are key components of any manufacturing management solution. Our ERP consultants have worked with companies in medical manufacturing and other sectors where product and regulatory compliance is of vital importance.

Whatever your business requirements, we can ensure your ERP system is set up to deliver robust QA.

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