Business intelligence and finance software for manufacturers

Manage your financials, transform information into insight and make data a source of competitive advantage for your manufacturing business.

Financial management

Financial management

An ERP system is a powerful financial reporting tool for manufacturers. We can help you find the best solution to monitor the financial health of your organisation, extract the most vital business data and drive real improvements based on real-time insights.

 The ERP solutions we implement contain all of the financial management features your business needs to operate efficiently, from general ledger to job costing and accounts receivable/accounts payable. However, we can also recommend additional capabilities to give you the financial edge on the competition.

ERP system sales and purchase order

Sales order/purchase order

Deliver improved efficiency and financial control from your ERP system with integrated sales and purchase order processing. Features like workflow for the approval of sales and purchase documents, document archiving, links to external documents and reporting in additional currencies can quickly streamline your financial management.

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Business intelligence ERP implementation

Business intelligence

Our ERP implementation capabilities include comprehensive business intelligence tools. Like most businesses, manufacturers generate an increasingly large volume of data on a daily basis. Making sure potential insights from this data pool are not lost - and bringing siloed information sources together for improved visibility - is vital for success.

BI applications that can speed up decision-making and unlock data insights in your business include Analytics, BI and dashboards, which offer pre-packaged reports and dashboards for manufacturing organisations. This solution also includes role-based analytics to monitor performance across finance, sales and operations.

ERP corporate reporting for manufacturing organisations

Corporate reporting

Simple transactional reporting via ERP is no longer adequate for manufacturing organisations targeting growth. To be truly valuable and provide meaningful answers, your reports must combine information from a number of different sources across the business.

The ERP solutions we work with contain advanced reporting tools that deliver a consolidated view of your financial and operational performance, with the ability to drill-down into the detail whenever necessary. Crucially, they also do it real-time - so your managers can make informed decisions quickly.

ERP systems crystal reports integration

Crystal reports integration

Integrating ERP systems with other business-critical applications is part of our approach - it's the reason for our company name.

Crystal Reports is a highly effective business intelligence application that gathers data from a range of sources. Jobscope ERP is fully integrated with Crystal Reports to provide a seamless reporting and BI function for engineer to order and make to order manufacturers.

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