ERP implementation

Our implementation consultants are not just IT experts - they know ERP software and your industry. Our focus is always to deliver an ERP system that quickly delivers a return on investment.

ERP implementation methodology

Our implementation methodology

We start the ERP implementation process with a business process review, when all business functions are discussed with your user representatives and core project team.

A report that contains all changes and additions, estimates, costs and a schedule of all subsequent project phases is then produced. At the end of the business process review phase, we assess your requirements against budget and timescales.

Rapid ERP implementation

Rapid ERP implementation

We'll work closely on-site with your team (without disrupting your everyday business operations) and provide a dedicated project manager to oversee the process. This means we're able to deliver rapid ERP implementation within demanding timescales when necessary.

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Rapid implementation is also made possible by our templated approach. We can install a pre-defined, pre-configured version of your ERP software, developed by our internal product experts, to get the system up and running before any custom modifications are made.

ERP implementation for manufacturing

What do we need from you?

Our consultants will require support from you to ensure a successful implementation. We simply ask that you share all relevant knowledge about your organisation and provide the data we need to size the hardware configuration.

Expertise and experience drawn from hundreds of successful implementations goes into every project we take on. We favour a hands-on, proactive approach and we may challenge you along the way - to think about your processes differently or explore more efficient ways of working - but always in the interest of achieving the best possible outcome.

Our reputation for successful ERP implementation is based on:

  • Years of manufacturing and ERP solutions experience
  • Experienced project managers and a proven methodology
  • ERP consultants with exceptional business knowledge
  • Complete pre and post-implementation support
  • A focus on 'making it happen'
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