TRIMIT: ERP systems tailor-made for fashion/apparel and furniture

The TRIMIT solution delivers industry-specific ERP functionality to meet the needs of apparel and furniture manufacturers.


TRIMIT partner

We help fashion and furniture companies overcome their biggest manufacturing, supply chain challenges with a solution that covers their entire value chain from quotation/order, through production to customer service: TRIMIT.

TRIMIT extends the functionality of the standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP solution, designed to simplify the complex and variable production processes and customer requirements & demand changes.

TRIMIT has a global partner network, and we work closely with TRIMIT furniture and fashion manufacturers, wholesale and distributors across the UK to streamline their business processes and optimise their supply chains.


ERP for furniture and fashion

Furniture and apparel companies require an ERP solution tailored to their specific needs.

TRIMIT is that software. It uses the secure and reliable Dynamics NAV solution at its core, with industry specific functionality. TRIMIT further extends the core capabilities of the ERP solution with integrated B2C, B2B, Supplier and Sales portals.  

Whether your biggest challenge is offering a new kitchen in a variety of models and variants, or introducing a new colour and fabric into an existing fashion line, TRIMIT is equipped to help your business thrive.

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Our TRIMIT ERP consultants

Our ERP consultants have years of experience in ERP implementations for furniture and fashion/apparel manufacturing. This frontline experience and extensive technical knowledge of the NAV/TRIMIT platform means they know how to deliver a system that meets the unique requirements of your business.


ERP for furniture manufacturing

TRIMIT provides a complete ERP solution to meet the needs of furniture manufacturers and distributors. The solution's specific functionality for the furniture industry includes:

  • Online calculation at order entry
  • Handling of variants and dimensions throughout the entire solution
  • Variant outcomes dependent on customer, country of basic item data
  • Product configuration - control of individual item qualities at the order stage
  • Optimization of order handling process
  • Easy creation and maintenance via masters
  • Unlimited variants and dimensions

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ERP for fashion, apparel and textile manufacturing

TRIMIT's industry-specific functionality provides a comprehensive ERP solution for apparel and fashion production, wholesale and distribution.

As well as standard functions such as style, colour and size, the system includes:

  • Optimises and automates manual processes
  • Controls an unlimited number of variants of sizes and colours
  • Gives a great overview of every process from design and production to final delivery
  • Provides a first-rate international PDM (product data management) to help designers to create new products and manage workflow through to sample or finished products

Minimizes waste and maximizes profit by streamlining the creation and management of the bill of material (BOM)

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Office furniture company Silverline reduced BOMs by 98% following our TRIMIT  implementation. See how we did it