Extended ERP for critical business functions

Access to the best third-party applications and in-house expertise for ERP software development means we can extend your ERP platform to deliver even greater business benefits.

ERP extensions for manufacturing organisations

ERP extensions

An ERP system lies at the heart of every successful manufacturing organisation. However, other business-critical functions will often revolve around it. Extending the reach of your ERP system into these areas will create a leaner, more efficient organisation through increased visibility and less duplication of effort.

Our consultants have the knowledge and expertise to connect key business functions with your ERP platform. Whether your situation requires custom software development or the integration of a third-party application, we can recommend the right approach for your manufacturing business.

Planning and scheduling ERP solutions

Planning and scheduling

A production planning solution will help you squeeze every last ounce of productivity from your manufacturing resources. Production scheduling software will factor in capacity, labour, materials, and any other considerations to ensure you make the best possible decisions. The outcome is shorter production times and no missed delivery targets.

Preactor is an advanced planning and scheduling solution that can integrate with your ERP system to vastly improve visibility and planning accuracy. The software applies rules to load orders in order to generate detailed production plans. Users typically experience a 15% return on productivity, reduce inventory by up to 50% and see a 50% improvement in customer service levels.

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ERP field service solutions

Field service

If your business involves service provision, our solutions make it easy to connect a team of mobile service engineers with your core business management functions.

Field service applications available for integration with central ERP systems such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV include eServ (proof of service completion), ServiceTrack (real-time job scheduling and mobile workforce management) and FleetController (fleet management).

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ERP CAD integration solutions

CAD integration

Manufacturing firms that use 3D CAD for design and engineering know that importing bills of materials from CAD to a manufacturing system is often problematic. Design BOMs are not necessarily compatible with manufacturing processes and logic, which means they must be amended or restructured before the job can progress.

D2Order is an application we developed in-house to solve this challenge. It generates manufacturing data from your CAD system and transfers usable BOMs directly to your ERP system. Re-keying of BOM information is greatly reduced, while the workflow function makes it simple to assign and manage tasks through to completion.

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ERP electronic proof of delivery and service

Electronic proof of delivery and service

With our ePOD and eServ applications, you can extend supply chain visibility to the final point of delivery.

Our ePOD tool integrates seamlessly with ERP systems to reduce paper documentation, provide remote monitoring of delivery drivers and enable faster invoice processing. Delivery staff use a handheld device to obtain a signature from the customer and instantly transfer delivery details back to the office.

eServ performs the same functions for installers and field engineers. Customers can sign off the completion of a job on a mobile device, which automatically triggers invoice processing and same day billing.

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ERP systems for warehouse and transport management

Warehouse and transport management

We work with our sister company OBS Logistics to integrate manufacturing ERP systems with complex warehouse and transport requirements for companies that operate in these areas.

OBS Logistics is a leading provider of warehouse management and transport management software, as well as an integrated Total Logistics solution.

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