Advanced Planning and Scheduling Software

If you’re struggling to keep to deadlines or want to increase efficiency within your manufacturing, In2grate can help with our Advanced Planning and Scheduling software solution.


Advanced Planning and Scheduling Software

An ERP is essential for a manufacturing business to thrive nowadays – however, they aren’t the answer to all manufacturing problems. The use of an Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) software as an ERP extension increases an ERPs capability to improve manufacturing processes within the supply chain.

  • Benefits of APS software include:
  • Increased Long Term Profits
  • Improves your current ERP
  • Increased Visibility
  • Project Risk Analysis
  • Leaner Manufacturing
  • Quicker Reaction Times

Increase Efficiency

A production planning solution will help you squeeze every last ounce of productivity from your manufacturing resources. Production scheduling software will factor in capacity, labour, materials, and any other considerations to ensure you make the best possible decisions. The outcome is shorter production times and no missed delivery targets.

Preactor is an advanced planning and scheduling solution that can integrate with your ERP system to vastly improve visibility and planning accuracy. The software applies rules to load orders in order to generate detailed production plans. Users typically experience a 15% return on productivity, reduce inventory by up to 50% and see a 50% improvement in customer service levels.


Suitable for any Industry

The Preactor Advanced Planning and Scheduling software is suitable for any manufacturer in any industry, including Aerospace, Textiles and Precision Engineering. Small, medium and large companies can benefit from the Preactor APS software; it uses advanced mathematics to analyse and calculate achievable production schedules and aids in making your manufacturing leaner. The software is able to generate several possible manufacturing scenarios, while taking into account business rules and constraints.

The Preactor APS software allows manufacturers to react in a prompt and intelligent manner, generating new schedules much faster than using spreadsheets and continuously maintaining them.


Preactor APS Software

Preactor International is a Siemens' company and world leader in production planning and scheduling software used by a wide range of businesses.

The company was established more than 20 years ago and is one of the leading experts in planning and scheduling technology in the manufacturing sector.

Frequently integrated with ERP, MES and Supply Chain Management solutions, Preactor’s breakthrough technology is used by more than 4500 small, medium and large multinational companies located in 88 countries. Preactor has established partnerships with more than 400 companies located around the world to provide local expertise to support the implementation of the solution for each company. These 1000+ accredited professionals offer a key resource working closely with users to ensure each company’s unique requirements are met.

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