ERP Software collaboration delivers MRO innovations

UK based NASH Mechanical Seal Services is one of the most specialised global companies, driven it says by “an almost unreasonable desire to make things work better”.

Nash_logo.pngSince 1966, its uncompromising approach has earned NASH a reputation for excellence and the ability to repair any brand of mechanical seal used on rotating equipment operating in process industries, including oil and gas, pharmaceutical, chemical, coatings and ink. 

With core business focused on the repair of any brand of engineered mechanical seal, NASH handles an infinite combination of variables in design, size, materials, application and defects.

An assembly may contain over 160 parts and each seal can cost from £1,000 to more than £60,000 to buy new. With such complex, high value requirements, NASH needs leading-edge Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) systems to support all its operations.

NASH’s working relationship with In2grate began in 2003. At that time, NASH’s business had grown to the point where a significant overhaul of its business software was needed. SolidWorks 3D CAD was used with disjointed databases, which required time consuming, repeated data entry with scope for error. In addition, data on seal parts was incomplete and had become out of shape with some part number duplication.

“JOBSCOPE’s flexibility and In2grate’s knowledge have really proved their worth to our business and the bottom line”
Matt Corker, MD

NASH could see that as the business grew further, its existing systems were likely to be overwhelmed. In particular, the company was concerned about managing the ‘tear down and inspection’ process when newly received seals are dismantled and assessed for repair.

After inspection and cleaning, all parts are dispositioned, damaged parts are repaired or replaced, and the seal is then reassembled and tested before despatch to the customer. During inspection, the design and parts within each seal are recorded and drawn using a CAD system for future reference.

Nash_360.jpgNASH decided to start the move to a fully integrated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system that included significant MRO capabilities. Matt Corker, Operations Director, explains: “We looked at various ERP systems, but found them too high volume manufacturing focussed. Our core business is repair to order with only a small amount of manufacturing of new product, so this was a major consideration, not least because NASH’s reputation is based on being able to repair absolutely any brand of seal.”

NASH’s search led to JOBSCOPE from In2grate Business Solutions, a tri-part ERP suite including Engineer To Order (ETO), Manufacture to Order (MTO) and MRO. Significantly, the MRO module also contains a Repair Manager application.

In2grate typically carries out bespoke alterations to JOBSCOPE during a customer implementation and NASH was impressed with In2grate’s capabilities and willingness to customise the installation to its requirements.

In a phased approach, NASH and In2grate began with the specification and implementation of the Accounting module. This was followed by the introduction of JOBSCOPE’s Inventory, Purchasing and Job Management and Control modules. The next significant milestone was the introduction of JOBSCOPE’s standard MRO module, including Repair Receiving and Repair Manager.

Introducing JOBSCOPE has transformed NASH’s operations. BOMs record which of up to 160 seal components are contained within each seal. Part numbers for over 10,000 parts are in place and consistent, and repeated entry of order data has been eliminated.

After NASH had become expert in the use of MRO, it became clear that JOBSCOPE could be enhanced to provide even more sophisticated functionality to help NASH streamline its business processes. As a result, the latest phase of work has extended the working relationship between NASH and In2grate into a software development collaboration to extend the functionality of the MRO modules.

Discussions began after In2grate’s annual JOBSCOPE User Group in September 2013, sharing information on future developments of the ERP suite, taking feedback from users and also their requests for future additions and enhancements. Because NASH’s business is so MRO orientated, its expertise in the field is invaluable, and In2grate offered to invest in collaboration in return for NASH’s insight and the opportunity to test the software’s new functionality in a live environment.

The project was completed in July 2014 enabling NASH to:

  • Extend its successful seal exchange and repair service to include repair for stock
  • Create a Repair Job detailing the work involved for the customer’s approval
  • Create an itemised BOM during inspection
  • Create a number of Repair Work Orders to schedule and itemise the repair process item by item for each seal in an efficient manner.
  • Create new part work orders, Stock Issues and Purchase Orders from the system to match each Repair Work Order so that damaged parts can be replaced, repaired or added as appropriate.

Matt Corker explains some of the main benefits that NASH has experienced: “Repair Manager itself was already a musthave function for us within JOBSCOPE. With the extra and improved functionality, our processes are slicker, faster and more automated.

“As well as the better integration between MRO, inventory and accounting, we’ve put a ‘repair for stock’ process in place which means that the seal is held in stock rather than being shipped. This wasn’t possible before and we’re already getting great feedback from our customers on the extended seal exchange programme. It’s another area where JOBSCOPE’s flexibility and In2grate’s knowledge have really proved their worth to our business and the bottom line,” Matt concludes.

One year after discussions on the collaboration began, NASH returned to the September 2014 JOBSCOPE User Group to give a presentation about the project and the new functionality and performance it has delivered to the JOBSCOPE ERP suite. Feedback there was also good - on the software’s new capabilities as well as the benefits of an In2grate/customer collaboration.

Our sincere thanks go to Matt Corker and the whole team at NASH Mechanical Seal Services for all their help and hard work.

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