In2grate implements Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Daro

When Daro looked to introduce a new business wide system it found that Microsoft Dynamics NAV from In2grate Business Solutions would deliver on all its business needs.

Daro_logo.pngDaro was impressed with the way that In2grate Business Solutions could provide them with an ERP system that could give total visibility over their manufacturing and distribution operations. With Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Daro can get real-time access to accurate business information including; procurement, tracking of inbound supplies, sales order processing and customer management, manufacturing operations, and sales invoicing and accounting.

With an established network of over 200 specialist stockists throughout the UK and key European markets, Daro has responded to the demands of an ever changing market place and has established themselves as experts in the specialised world of woven rattan furniture. Daro discovered that implementing an ERP solution from Microsoft meant that it integrated fully with the Microsoft Office tools their employees already used, This simplified their business processes whilst providing comprehensive functionality from which they can manage the business, including some company specifics such as container tracking.

One of the major reasons why Daro is such a popular choice for the UK consumer market is because their furniture is made from the finest raw materials which are manufactured in Indonesia. Daro works with their manufacturers to continually develop their range of furniture and they use only top-grade rattan and cane.

daro_360.jpgThe raw material for cane and rattan is an indigenous plant which grows naturally and profusely in the tropical jungle regions of South East Asia. The rapid growth of the plant at more than 20 centimetres per day ensures supplies are readily renewed and make it a sustainable product that is environmentally friendly. Daro demands the highest quality standards, and both frames and cushions are subjected to rigorous testing during development and production to ensure maximum durability. Once Daro’s cane furniture has been manufactured in Indonesia, it is then shipped over to their UK facility. Daro can use Microsoft Dynamics NAV to comprehensively track their inbound supplies from their overseas manufacturers.

Daro has up-to-date tracking information throughout the whole distribution process, and Microsoft Dynamics NAV tells them exactly when a consignment is shipped, what is in the consignment, and when it will arrive at their UK site. Daro can then use this information to let their distributors and customers know when their furniture will be delivered to them. 

James Brown, General Manager of Daro, commented “Already we are seeing efficiency improvements in the time taken to administer our business, and the ease of visibility of data provides us with a real competitive edge for our customer services”.
Part of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution provides for customer portals. These enable customers and suppliers to access the Daro system to make enquiries into stock levels and place live orders. This is the last phase of implementation, and Daro can already see it delivering real benefits.

Business Benefits include:

Daro continues to successfully expand its product range and grow in a highly competitive marketplace. Designing, making and delivering high quality products on time. The structured solution implemented by In2grate Business Solutions resulted in major benefits to Daro including:

  • Single integrated solution covering all the Company’s key business processes
  • Co-ordinated Supply Chain managing synchronising UK based and Overseas manufacturing and supply to meet customer requirements
  • Detail level of information for inbound shipping from overseas suppliers
  • High visibility of manufacturing status, work in progress and finished stock levels
  • Improved planning and scheduling – full visibility of information across the business
  • Shortened lead-times on customer orders and more delivery promises met.
  • The ability to further develop the system and automate business processes to increase efficiency
  • Easier and quicker access to data enables ‘continuous improvement’ raising quality, improving service levels and resulting in reduced operating costs – materials, labour and overheads
  • Has improved the management’s ability to respond rapidly to ever changing conditions
  • The merging of disparate databases providing a more simplified and transparent approach to the management and distribution of information
  • Dynamics NAV is now the key system within the company providing access to accurate and up to date operational information across the whole business
  • The new solutions will support the future growth and development of the Company
  • Rapid integration capability to other systems including Microsoft Office
  • Secure long-term investment as the Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform will continue to be developed and supported
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