Vivarail Uses Infor XA To Support Their Innovative Railway Designs

Posted 09/12/19 14:06

 Vivarail Article

We are delighted to announce that train manufacturers, Vivarail, have chosen In2grate to help implement ERP system Infor XA into their supply chain to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Their decision was based upon their need for an integrated solution to manage the complex planning, production and execution requirements to help effectively manage the supply chain. With the implementation of Infor XA, Vivarail hope to realise the benefits from design to delivery that only a fully integrated system can achieve.

Led by Adrian Shooter, the primary aim of Vivarail had been to build a train that works well for both operators and passengers. During his years as Chairman of Chiltern Valley Railways, Adrian commissioned many new trains and became convinced that there had to be a better way to design a train that would deliver a quality service for both operators and passengers. To fulfil this objective, the Class 230 was created and Infor XA has been chosen as the best manufacturing software and ERP system to help with this.

Drawing upon over 200 years of industry knowledge and experience, the Vivarail team began working on the impressive new train design. The Class 230 can be configured to suit and accommodate different types of passengers with specific needs for both city and country journeys. The city layout suits busy rail lines with frequent stops. It includes features such as 4 doors per side with wider aisles to allow for ease of movement as passengers board or disembark from the train. For longer lines where passenger amenities, such as Universal Access Toilets are required, the country design is applied. These trains also respond to the modern traveller's demands by having smart storage solutions and high-quality accessories such a iPad holders.

We have been helping Vivarail to implement the Infor XA software at their UK headquarters, where it will provide continuous support and benefits across the business. The manufacturing ERP system has been proven to be a good fit for discrete manufacturing environments and has a track record of delivering significant improvements to companies worldwide.

Vivarail is dedicated to ensuring that the Class 230 is one of the most environmentally-friendly trains in the marketplace. The trains are available to be powered in a variety of different methods and Vivarail is leading the rail industry in pioneering battery-powered trains. The company will showcase its first production battery train this year, fully approved and ready for passenger service.

Infor XA will enable Vivarail to stay competitive by offering greater control over business processes and functions. The software provides supply chain management which will help increase transparency and automation throughout the supply chain. It will provide Vivarail with a single, unified database which will increase visibility by sending critical information to relevant users immediately so that problems can be resolved quickly. 

Once Infor XA is fully installed and operational, Vivarail expects to see many benefits, including:

  • Access to real-time information allowing for quick decision making and timely reporting
  • Traceability
  • Effective risk management 
  • Full inventory management and control
  • Improved and efficient utilisation of staff resources.

As will all ERP implementations, the benefits will emerge and begin to be measurable as all users and departments get more used to the software. The most immediate benefit to the team will be having easy access to management information once the database is populated.

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