The Top 5 Issues Food & Beverage Manufacturers Are Facing Today

Posted 21/08/19 15:43

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The high level issues facing food and beverage manufacturers today might feel like the same challenges the industry as been trying to deal with and manage for years. However, one key difference is the context in which these challenges exist and how they have gradually, yet significantly, changed over time.

And whilst there are a number of issues and challenges faced by food and drink manufacturers daily, there are 5 commonplace issues that are significantly impacting the industry as it is today:

  • Consumer demand for greater product innovation and transparency
  • Ever-increasing quality and compliance pressures (i.e. recent food labeling legislation and the introduction of Natasha's Law, the Food Standards Act 1999, and many others)
  • Tighter profit margins
  • New channel opportunities
  • A more dynamic workforce

It's these surmounting pressures that are shifting the dynamics of the market, to a point now where many food and beverage manufacturers alike are needing to take a fresh, innovative approach to their production processes and how the essentially do business.


In this ever-changing environment, successfully managing growth and profitability ultimately depends on how the sector can evolve whilst embracing the use of modern technology and a shift towards digital transformation.

There is no longer an option as to whether technology is a friend or foe. In today's 21st century, technology must form the basis for which your processes are monitored and managed to provide the best possible outcome - for your business and your consumers. 

When you think about this in the context of ERP systems, those that were implemented years (or often decades) ago, can no longer support the complex demands of the industry. And if we're to remain ahead of the curve and keep on top of the digital evolution of Industry 4.0 it's vital your ERP system meets the standards and efficiencies expected in today's food and drink industry.

But keeping your systems current isn't just smart or savvy - it's also profitable in the long run. From cloud computing and collaborative technologies to mobility and analytics - technology holds the key to competitive advantage, business growth and future-proofing your digital assets. 

If you're interested in finding out how, join us on Tuesday 10th September at 12pm for our Addressing the Issues in Food and Beverage Manufacturing webinar. During the session we'll be discussing some of the key disruptive trends facing the industry today, and exploring the solutions available to help diagnose these commonplace disruptions while also improving business growth and ROI through the use of modern technology and food and drink focused software.


In the meantime, should there be anything else you'd like to discuss in relation to your existing ERP system and food manufacturing processes, please get in touch and our dedicated team will be happy to help.

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